Pockets Of Rainwater

written by Regina January 27, 2018
Pockets Of Rainwater

Saturday woke me up with the sound of rain. Tiny droplets that fell on the roof, on the pavement, on the rocks. It sounded like a musical piece in itself, and I felt an overwhelming sense of relief – as if it was just an austere downpour of rain that I had been unconsciously waiting for all along.

It felt like a Sunday morning, and I struggled to get myself to wake up. Maybe because rainfalls are just perfect for the lazy uncertainty that Sundays bring. But no – it was a Saturday. “Saturdays will do”, I thought.

When we were little, we were taught in school that the earth has a continuous cycle of water vapor. Once the waters from the oceans precipitate, it forms a cluster of tiny water droplets that we call clouds. Those majestic streaks of white hanging from the sky; the cottons that turn pink and purple during painfully beautiful sunsets; those luminous substances that turn gray when it signals heavy rain – are droplets of water crystals that precipitated from the earth.

And when the clouds get too heavy from carrying too much condensed water droplets, gravity does its job and pulls them down as raindrops from the sky.

Once again, the water is back in the earth. We swim in it, we drink it, sea creatures take life in it. And it flows – to the rivers, to the lakes, to the different bodies of water that give life and nourishment to us.

Water in our bodies, water in the oceans, water in the skies, water in the universe. No wonder our ancestors were once alive in water.

My heart was heavy, and there was something so mysteriously comforting about the fact that nature was one with me in the form of rain.

So I listened to the droplets – one by one, tick tock, going off like the hands of a clock, like the flow of time, like a faucet left unattended.

Rain happens when the clouds condense and the vapors get too heavy to carry. It has to rain so the cycle will continue. No rain, no life.

Then I thought about why my heart is heavy. Sometimes I don’t understand where the pain is coming from, but I take great comfort in the fact that it rains.

Maybe the waters in the pockets of clouds above are speaking to the waters flowing inside me – to let gravity do its part and let the rain fall. After all, it’s a process. It’s a never-ending process, just as the earth, and we as humans, and everyone around us is.

In the vein of the cycle of rain, I have to let go of the old water inside me so a new one may come in from the earth, and a new phase of progress will take place.

Eventually, the rain did stop, signaling a new beginning.

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