About a girl

Hi there! My name is Regina Reyes, but that’s the shortened version of my quadruple Rs.

I grew up reading and writing voraciously, treating them as my simple escape from everyday living. My love for literature came hand-in-hand with visual arts, so I took up Fine Arts in college to explore more of that world. Now these things have evolved into something bigger and more complex than I am.

There is a great sense of purpose that flows through me when I tell stories. I have always felt like I had to share so many things to the world. From keeping teeth that fell out of my mouth as a child, to hiding in our houseboy’s garage room and finding a hidden girl among a sea of clothes, to enduring 13-hour bus rides in foreign lands, to carrying a 50L mountain backpack whilst trying to walk in heels.

This website is a platform to share bits of myself in the hopes of telling my tales in all the unusual ways. I hope to inspire, motivate, encourage, discuss, and just allow people to be.

I believe in all things universal. I believe that there is a supernatural being, a deity who governs everything and holds us in His hands. I believe in science and philosophy, I believe in evolution, in aliens, in good karma and bad karma, in the natural course. And of course, I believe in love. I believe that love is the most important thing. I believe that love can save the world.

Here lies an online version of my life which I will try to keep as pure and honest as possible.

There you go. I hope you got a small picture of who I am as a person. And if not, well – you can always read along.

Here’s an imaginary toast to life, love, and art.



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